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There are not enough words to tell you how much I really appreciated Joe @ Rush. Within 3 days my tax problem was solved. And, the rate I paid was fantastic especially after calling around and finding how much other people were charging just to look at my tax problems. I highly recommend Rush Tax Resolution to everyone - do not hesitate. C. Winter 

"Saved over 90%!"

I went to Rush Tax Resolution on the recommendation from a friend. I was extremely skeptical at first, because what they were telling me they can do, seemed to good to be true. I was not only wrong, the settlement I got, was better than either of us were expecting. They had constant contact with me to keep me updated on my status with the IRS, and Anthony would constantly send me email reassuring the process is working. He was so helpful, Fred was so understanding about my situation that he even let me make payments to him, instead having to pay it all at once. Tina, was always understanding when I was sometimes late on those payments. All in all, they were better than I could have expected. I owed over $35,000, and they got it reduced to less than $3,100. It was the best investment I could have made. I highly recommend. This is my first time ever contacting the BBB, but I felt I needed to in this case, because they were so good. I have no personal relationship with any of them, I just am extremely happy to have this part of my life behind me, because of the help from them! - Michael S

"Less Than A Day

"I would say my biggest fear was that more bad news would be in store for me once I started this process and that it would become a long, drawn-out ordeal. Instead, Rush Tax was able to get a levy released and negotiate a reasonable installment plan with the IRS for me in less than a day. My favorite part of the experience was the fact that Fred and his staff handled the entire process without requiring me to provide extensive records, fill out endless forms or jump through other hoops. They obviously have handled many cases like mine and answered almost all of my questions before I even asked them. You'll never get far trying to deal with the IRS on your own. Obtaining representation in an IRS matter is one of the best decisions I've made in a long time, and I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again!”- Dave R

"They took a $25,000 tax debt to be a $25 payment." 

I am so happy with the service I got from Rush TAX Resolution. They took a $25,000 tax debt to be a $25 payment. Much of the debt will expire and I will owe nothing. Anthony kept me informed and took the stress out of working directly with the IRS. I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN AND I WAS FACING BEING HOMELESS WITH BANK GARNISHMENT AS I HAD ONLY MY SOCIAL SECURITY TO LIVE ON. I am so grateful for his help in this matter and I recommend this company if you have the need. THANK YOU SO MUCH - Paulette G.
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